* Help and support the immigrants and the asylum seekers by creating a base that they can rely on by developing the positive vibes that pushes them to go out and attend some events and places such as Organizations, Public Areas, Events and more to improve their acknowledge, personality, language, experience, self confidence and more.
*  Support the international MENA students who want's to be close to those who has the experience and break the barriers of  living outside their home countries.
* Share Initiatives and create a stage that gives the chance to the talented people to share their talent.
* Searching for and reminding others about what's happening now in the UK and trying to make a positive group to attend together.

Where did the IDEA come from?
Initially, by the time I arrived to the United Kingdom, I wanted to join any group or organization specialized in the Arabs and did not find it. I started joining the major circles, groups and organizations; also, I did not find people speaking Arabic. Fortunately, my English helped me to understand the basics which helped me in being able to mix with groups and organizations. So I started trying here and there, volunteering as much as possible until I increased and gained a lot of experience in this field that I would like everyone to try.
I gained self-confidence to make me express myself, my feelings, and my thoughts with ease, and I began to accept other ideas smoothly and spaciously, and began to mix with people and welcome me .. I felt that I belonged to a place and this is what I aspire to authenticate among all victims of thoughts and speeches who have been forced to migrate and asylum.

What's Our Achievements?
The most achievement that I'm very grateful for is being here in the UK and the ability to live positively in this life and meet the largest number of refugees and motivate them to experience several events, and explore new ways to live, and get to know new organizations and new experiences every time I meet a new one. Journaling events and creating a Journal about the events we attended encourages me to communicate with organizations personally and gain new experience.
The main task while we are here is to go on with life. To gain friends and acquaintances and to benefit in developing our personality from each of them. To see what is positive and turn a blind eye to negatives. Our new goal in our group is to contribute to the development of each other, instead of negatively criticize it. To forgive, to move on as how life goes.
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