Free time advice:

Take any English course, because you will need it to work after your asylum is accepted. Also, you will save time and speed up your admission to university.
Try to attend the largest number of organizations and gain experience from them.
Try a lot of volunteering.
Have a special CV ready.
Try to find more areas to settle in a good place.
Learn more about the next stages and be prepared for them.
Try to surround yourself with friends and gain a new environment that will make it easier for you to accept immigration.
Register with a psychiatrist and keep your mental health improved.
Treat yourself as a tourist and discover places one by one.
Make saving for post-asylum.

What happens after the asylum is accepted?

It is a suffering and a tough challenge between immigrant and time. He must rush to do three things:
• Job Center Registration.
• Obtaining a Bank Card.
• Go to your area's council/ Housing Advice

Registering in the center, Centricon for reasons: The first of them is to obtain financial support, because the asylum aid (Benefits) will stop and you will have to find another source, which is the job center.

And friendly advice;
If you begin to feel that the appointment is soon, allocate a financial portion of the support of at least 5 pounds per person per week for emergencies. You may need an amount to transfer your items from one place to another. And an amount for the period during which the support will be cut. And other unexpected things. In this case, I also advise you to introduce yourself and register with specialized organizations for each of the refugees, displaced persons, gender or sexual orientation if you belong to one of them, Arab organizations, African organizations, the Red Cross, and other organizations that you can benefit from.

After that, you have completed everything you should do, and you have got a new future and a new life that you can start as you want. It is you who choose to learn, complete your studies or even be unemployed. You choose the path of your life and everything. Good luck.
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