Asylum Link is an organisation dedicated to assisting Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Liverpool and to raising public awareness around refugee issues. It is a welcoming and safe place for people from all countries to meet, relax and find out about the city they have arrived in.
لرفع الوعي العام حول قضايا اللاجئين. إنه مكان ترحيبي وآمن للناس من جميع البلدان للالتقاء والاسترخاء ومعرفة المدينة التي وصلوا إليها.

 They will deal with problems such as asylum housing, homelessness, missing payments, or any other problem that may arise as an asylum seeker. Their services are free.

 Travel Documents – there is a £100 charge per document, plus what the Home Office charges as a fee.

 We alleviate  destitution amongst asylum seekers and refugees through the provision of food, clothing and occasionally housing.

English Classes: 
We provide English classes (ESOL) at ALM for up to 85 asylum seekers of  all levels of language ability, across Monday to Friday. Each class has 4 sessions a week, morning or afternoon.  In January and September.

Breakfast, porridge or toast, is available from 9.15 – 10.15
Tea or coffee is served from 9.15 – 3.15 except during lunch time
Lunch is served from 12.15 – 1.15 – always Halal and usually a vegetarian option

Every day tea, coffee, and biscuits are available during opening hours in the kitchen area table tennis, bar football and other activities in the large room.

 We provide free clothing to destitute and homeless people which they can request by seeing a caseworker. We have clothing sales on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.30. 

St Anne’s Liverpool, L7 3HJ

Phone; 01517091713